About us

More people than ever will decide whether to do business with you based on your online reviews. Maintaining a good reviews is critical to winning new customers but getting fair, honest, positive reviews can be tricky.

Often times customers leave a negative or unfavorable review without giving a business the opportunity to remedy a problem, or explain their side of the story. Those negative reviews can be costly. That's why we developed Review King. Review King helps you stack up the number of positive reviews, while drastically reducing, and even eliminating negative one's.

Our review marketing system gently reminds your customers to leave a review about their experience. When they go to leave a four or five star review they're sent to where they can do that publicly at your favorite review websites. If they choose to leave a review of three stars or less they're prompted to tell you about their experience. That information is then sent to you, giving you the opportunity to reach out to the customer and make them happy before they can leave a negative review in a public place.