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What is Review King?

Review King is an app that helps you get positive online reviews while avoiding the negative one's.

How does Review King work?

When you send a review invitation to a customer through the Review King app they're presented with the option of leaving your business a review between one and five stars. If a customer leaves you less than four stars they're taken to a form they can fill out to provide feedback about their experience. If they leave four stars or more they're taken to a page with links to places where they can leave a public review.

Where can customers leave reviews about my business using Review King?

Customers can leave online reviews wherever you designate. Simply locate the places online where your customers are already leaving reviews and then enter those links into Review King.

What types of businesses benefit from Review King?

All types of businesses benefit from using Review King but some of the most popular are vacation rentals, hotels, restaurants, online stores, service professionals, and anyone else interested in protecting their reputation online.

What is a review invitation?

A review invitation is an email you send to your customers through the Review King app inviting them to leave a review of their experience with your business.

How does Review King help me get more reviews?

Since Review King routes people who rate your service as less than four stars back to you, you're able to invite your all of your customers to leave an online review with confidence. More invites, means more reviews.

How does Review King help prevent negative reviews?

Review King helps prevent negative reviews by determining customer sentiment before they leave a review in a public place like Google, Facebook, or Yelp. This is done by asking customers to rate their experience before being shown where to leave a public review. If they rate you less than four stars they're taken to a feedback form. That feedback is then sent to you, so you can address any service issue.

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